Matt Smith

Originally from the Yorkshire Dales, Matt grew up on the doorstep of many of the country’s premier sporting estates which is where he spent his childhood keeping vermin in check, ambushing the local duck population, as well as spending time with his father and family friends on the local shooting syndicate. This where he made his early forays into driven game shooting, due to the location of Matts home it was only a matter of time before he undertook his first grouse day which became his real passion. It would be fair to say that shooting, and grouse shooting especially, was an instrumental part of Matt’s upbringing serving time as a Beater, Flanker, Picker-up, Gamekeeper and eventually Shoot Host and Loader/Instructor. 

This led Matt to study Countryside Management at Harper Adams University and it was during his placement year, that he first made contact with Sporting Agents Davis & Bowring and from here he continued his career into field sports as Shoot Host, Instructor and Logistics Manager. Matt was also a regular feature on the successful Harper Adams clay pigeon shooting team, during his free time it was not uncommon to find Matt in a pigeon hide or helping on local shoot days.

Matt joined the Calvert Sporting team and quickly took control as Gunroom Manager and Instructor where he is well placed to match clients to their new purchases and ensure a well-fitted, reliable gun. Matt also applies his in-depth knowledge of field sports when instructing clients whether they be novice or experienced both in and out of the shooting field.

Life in Oxfordshire sees Matt immersed in the shooting world,  finding time outside of work to shoot clay pigeons and wood pigeons, and also enjoys stalking the local Fallow, Roe and Muntjac population.

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