A shooting lesson in progress - woman shooting with instructor looking on.

Shooting Lessons

There is no one system that suits all people.  Unlike many instructors, Adam’s philosophy is that it is crucial to tailor your shooting lessons/instruction to you and your goals – be it clay or game shooting.

As a result, at Calvert Sporting the team use a combination of basic techniques, centred around good gun mounting in conjunction with good gun fit.  Mounting onto a moving target sounds simple enough, but there are few in the shooting field who can accomplish this without proper guidance.

During their shooting lessons, Adam & his team also adjust the technique depending on the type of game being shot, so a shooter on a grouse day is likely to use a different method from when he is shooting a high pheasant.

The shooting ground is the perfect place to hone these skills, so they become subconscious and as a result feel natural once in the field. 

Shooting Lessons: What Should I Expect?

If you would like a shooting lesson then Penny is your first point of contact. She will able to offer you dates with your instructor and get your session confirmed in the dairy.

On the day of your booking, you will meet with your instructor at the pre-arranged location, where they will chat through any specific area you would like to work on, your style, experience and what you wish to achieve so that your session can be tailored specifically. You will then go onto the ground to work on the above.

After your session, your instructor will offer you some recommendations, be it some areas to practice at home or how best to implement what was covered during your session.

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