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The Perazzi UK Experience from Calvert Sporting

Buying a Perazzi gun is all about creating a gun that is entirely bespoke to you. Perazzi offer a vast array of configuration options, allowing us to create a gun that suits your personal taste, shooting style and build. As a Perazzi UK Premium Dealer, Calvert Sporting offers a complete UK Perazzi design and order service – including the full Perazzi Experience, with a factory visit to the main Perazzi base in Bescia, Italy

Both Adam and Chris have over 20 years’ experience in creating and ordering unique and bespoke Perazzi shotguns, for both competition & game. Our expertise stems not only from 20 years of Perazzi UK sales but also numerous factory visits, working alongside Mauro Perazzi and his team.

The beauty of a Perazzi shotgun is that it can be specified in an almost limitless number of configurations. From detachable trigger groupings through to specially lightened barrels, from barrel length and chokes through to forend and engraving – everything is customisable. You’ll find a pair of bespoke Perazzi shotguns on our Bespoke Guns page.

Combine your Perazzi journey with our gun fitting or ultimate gun fitting process to achieve a fully bespoke end product.

The Calvert Sporting Perazzi UK Journey

The start of your Perazzi UK journey is usually a visit to our gunroom in Oxfordshire (we can also come to your home if preferred). The purpose of this consultation is to explore the full range of Perazzi customisation options available, together with associated pricing. Our position as experienced yet independent Perazzi UK gun fitters means we have a unique ability to provide highly qualified, unbiased advice on the best Perazzi gun fit options for you.

Once we have worked together to create your personal Perazzi gun specification, we highly recommend that you undergo a gun fitting with Adam. This ensures that your bespoke Perazzi gun fits you like a glove. Gun fit measurements can then be forwarded to the factory under our supervision in order to make sure they are fully understood.

Choosing wood blanks is an integral and very personal part of the bespoke gun journey. Our clients have two options here. The first is to choose your wood blanks from a selection supplied by the Perazzi factory. Alternatively, you can now opt to choose your wood blanks in the UK in person, at the Oxfordshire Perazzi Experience.

For those who wish to retain something of the English look and feel, we provide a finishing service here in the UK, applying a Best London oil finish, along with an English chequering pattern. We can also fit English gold ovals engraved in a font of your choice, or inlaid gold initials.

Once you have taken possession of your gun, we highly recommend a follow up shooting lesson with one of the Calvert Sporting team, ensuring you get off to the best possible start with your new Perazzi gun.

To start your Calvert Sporting Perazzi Journey, contact us via this website or call 01235 834441.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not visit the Perazzi Factory in Italy?

For the truly unique Perazzi Experience, we highly recommend arranging a visit to the Perazzi factory in Brescia with Calvert Sporting. We have accompanied numerous clients in this way, working alongside Mauro Perazzi and his team to provide a full Perazzi customisation and gun fit experience.

Your visit to Brescia will include a factory tour, where you’ll have opportunity to view the full Perazzi production process and watch the gun build process at close quarters.

With it’s open plan factory, Perazzi is one of the few gun manufacturers who provide this opportunity.

Wood blanks can be chosen from a large selection, and our Ultimate Perazzi gun fitting is carried out there and then in the factory.

To arrange your Perazzi factory visit, contact us via this website or call 01235 834441.

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