Maximise Your Shooting Potential

At Calvert Sporting, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with impartial, unbiased advice and guidance on all matters relating to shooting whether that is , preparation for game days, infield services, gun fit, selecting a new gun or finding the right equipment to use in the field.

Based in Oxfordshire, the team offer impartial and bespoke services for novice and experienced shooters alike.

The Calvert Sporting Team

Adam Calvert

Adam has a proven track record over a number of years, working at the highest level in helping shooters achieve their personal goals and beyond. Instructing in-field an average of 90 days per season. Adam shares his insight on shooting skills and offers advice through regular contributions and…
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Penny Calvert

Penny is a Director of Calvert Sporting and an integral part of the team with responsibility for the operational running of the business. This covers a wide range of key tasks from the range of back-office functions, managing the day to day bookings whether that is for lessons…
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Darren East

As the son of a gamekeeper Darren was immersed into the shooting world from an early age. Rearing pheasants and partridges, controlling vermin, sat in a pigeon hide or fishing he was rarely to be found at home. Like most he started with an air-rifle and progressed to…
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Matt Smith

Originally from the Yorkshire Dales, Matt grew up on the doorstep of many of the country’s premier sporting estates which is where he spent his childhood keeping vermin in check, ambushing the local duck population, as well as spending time with his father and family friends on the…
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Chris Cloke

Born in Gloucester, Chris, a farmer’s son, spent 30 years working in the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury as a civil servant before taking early retirement in 2006. A former FITASC World Champion, he shot both Olympic and Universal trap for Great Britain in the 1980s. In 2008…
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Duncan Lawton

Duncan is our most experienced team member, bringing with him a huge wealth of knowledge and experience – nothing phases Duncan! His experience means he exhibits a relaxed, calm and assured manner that instantly rubs off on his clients. He is a popular choice with those who like his…
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What Sets Us Apart?

Calvert Sporting is underpinned by a deep-seated background in fieldsports and the countryside. This combination of excellence in shooting instruction, attentive detailed operational organisation and first rate customer support results in a service that you can trust to provide you with the ideal solution matched to whatever need you have. All of this helps us meet our aim of ensuring you are best placed to enjoy your shooting.

Whilst the business was built on a firm foundation of excellence in instruction and in-field services, there is far more to the range of support Calvert Sporting can offer our clients. Browse our Services and Gunroom pages to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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