Penny Calvert

Penny is a Director of Calvert Sporting and an integral part of the team with responsibility for the operational running of the business.  This covers a wide range of key tasks from the range of back-office functions, managing the day to day bookings whether that is for lessons, infield instruction or gun fitting, dealing within logistics for imports/exports or arranging specialist gun collection and delivery for clients.

One of the essential roles Penny covers is the sporting office.  There are many moving parts to organising a sporting season not just for Calvert sporting; coordinating who needs to be where and when and with what, but also covering this on behalf of clients.  Penny works directly with clients or their representatives to organise their sporting arrangements such as Visitor Permits, accommodation, instructors, loaders, equipment, cartridges etc and does this throughout the season.

It is this ability to cover as much or as little as the client needs, and solving problems and challenges for clients that Penny believes sets Calvert Sporting apart in the market.  Whatever the challenge or requirement Penny, and Calvert Sporting will work with you to meet your requirements.

Penny is a keen shot, and makes every effort to shoot a few days during the game season and in the summer on simulated days. This means she understands what is involved in shooting, and in particular what is involved in a days’ game shooting.  She also enjoys working her cocker spaniels on numerous local shoots ably assisted by their young daughter, Anna.

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