Pack of low flying grouse - get prepared with our grouse shooting lessons!

Grouse Shooting Lessons

Adam’s real passion has been spending the last 20 years not only instructing both in and out of the field but also shooting driven grouse himself. As a result he has gained a unique practical insight into how to teach grouse shooting – not only to beginners but also how to take experienced shooters to the next level.

Grouse Shooting Lessons: What Should I Expect?

We offer driven grouse shooting lessons and practice several shooting grounds and a private layout in Wiltshire.

If you are a novice or beginner, then we may begin with a ‘classroom’ based safety briefing to fully explain the procedures for shooting grouse – as they are very different to a driven pheasant or partridge shoot.

We encourage you to bring both guns with you as it is good to practise with double guns in order to make the session as realistic as possible.

The layout in Wiltshire is set up to simulate grouse flying as singles, packs and going away birds. We use manual traps as well as an automatic trailer which allows your instructor to tailor the targets specifically for you.

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