Welcome to Calvert Sporting’s Oxfordshire Gun Shop

At Calvert Sporting we pride ourselves on our in-house knowledge and experience of the gun world. It is our aim to take you on a gun buying journey where you are able to make a considered purchase.

We have a unique understanding of gun fitting, gun performance and in-field practical experience of shooting in the demanding conditions of the UK, which allows us to make sure your purchase is best suited to your requirements.


Recognized as the pinnacle of shotgun achievement, Fabbri shotguns are technically perfect and their stunning engravings allow for truly functional works of art.

Bespoke Guns

Working with a range of the world’s leading gun manufacturers, our vast gun making knowledge and network allow us to build truly bespoke guns from an impartial standpoint.


Embark on your Perazzi design journey with Calvert Sporting, a Premium Perazzi Dealer. Combine with a factory visit for the full Perazzi experience!

Gun Service & Repairs

A full range of comprehensive Gunsmithing services and repairs. No job is too large or too small.

Alterations & Restocking

Our dedication to correct gunfitting has led to us building a network of the finest Stockers and Gunsmiths.


Shooting accessories, attire and gifts – teamed with impartial advice borne out of our infield knowledge and shooting experience.

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