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Welcome to Calvert Sporting – globally recognised as a leading provider of shooting instruction, gun fitting & infield coaching.

Oxfordshire Gunroom & Worldwide Shooting Services

At Calvert Sporting our mission is simple: to create memorable shooting experiences and maximise your infield potential, by sharing our shooting expertise with you. From our Oxfordshire base, we provide shooting services across the UK and Worldwide. How can we help?

Oxfordshire Gunroom & Online Shop

Our Oxfordshire gunroom is the embodiment of our infield knowledge and shooting experience, rarely seen elsewhere. This infield shooting expertise allows us to provide impartial advice on everything from the most suitable guns and cartridges through to attire and accessories.

Shooting Services

With over 300+ days in the field each year, Calvert Sporting is home to some of the most experienced shooting coaches available today, offering highly bespoke and tailored shooting instruction. Catering for all abilities – novices, young shots, ladies and the more experienced.

About Calvert Sporting

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with impartial, unbiased advice and guidance on all matters relating to shooting – whether that relates to instruction, preparation for game days, in-field services, gun fit, selecting a new gun or finding the right equipment to use in field.

We supply a range of top quality, proven and trusted goods and services that are of the highest calibre, designed to cope with the diverse and demanding requirements of a sporting season.

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