Bespoke Guns

To gain maximum performance a shooter and their gun need to be closely matched in every aspect. Adam specialises in the fitting and purchasing of truly bespoke guns. He will work closely with you, advising on exactly how a gun can be built or modified to be totally bespoke to your needs. This extends not just to woodwork dimensions, but also to weights, barrels, chokes and many other component aspects.

Whether you’re after a gun to meet specific technical requirements, a stock to match your personal dimensions, or simply something that’s unique, contact us to arrange an initial discussion. You may also like to read about Fabbri – the ultimate in bespoke guns.

Custom Ribless Beretta 28b for Young Shot


BarrelsThese were shortened to 26″ and Teague choked, both the top and middle rib were removed in order to make the gun feel very light, whilst maintaining enough weight to absorb the recoil.
ActionStandard Beretta silver pigeon
StockCustom stock with a high comb and very small full pistol grip in order to fit a child’s hand.
Weight4lb 9 oz

These guns were designed for an 11-year-old lady shooter who needed a pair of guns suitable for game shooting but was struggling to find a pair of 28 bores that were lightweight enough for her to be able to handle.

There is a current trend for guns to be made ribless which Calvert Sporting can satisfy.

To discuss this or any other bespoke gun requirement please contact us on +44 (0)1235 834441.

Custom Beretta 28b & 20b


Gauge20b and 28b
Barrels30 inch standard barrels
ActionStandard Beretta Silver Pigeon, the engravings were polished off and then they were colour cased hardened.
StockCustom stocks to client’s dimensions including a pistol grip and palmswell, London oil finished with no chequering.
Weight6lb 3 oz
Special ItemsRather than being numbered, each gun had a different bird inlaid in gold on the barrel, stock and forend.

These two pairs of small gauge guns, one pair of 20’s and one pair of 28’s – were built for a client who wanted rock solid Beretta reliability but will fully bespoke stocks and forends made to his measurements, which were identical in all four guns.

Great care was taken when building the guns to ensure the handling and feel was identical whether you were shooting the 28’s or 20’s.

To discuss a similar requirement, or to find out more about our bespoke gun service contact us today on +44 (0)1235 834441.

Perugini & Visini Bespoke 12b


Barrels32 inch Teague choked
ActionPerugini and Visini standard Sideplated trigger plate action
StockCustom stock to client’s dimensions including a pistol grip and palmswell and London oil finished
Weight8lb 4 oz
Special ItemsGold inlay in bottom of grip.

This gun was conceived following a close design consultation with Calvert Sporting and was subsequently built to our specific requirements.

This service allows a fully custom gun to be built to your exact specification.

To discuss a similar requirement, or to find out more about our bespoke gun service contact us today on +44 (0)1235 834441.

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