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Infield Shooting Instruction

Infield shooting instruction is an effective way to fast track your game shooting or in many cases fine tune your performance.

Many of our clients have difficultly being as effective on the game field as they are on the shooting ground. Here at Calvert Sporting we are committed to ensuring you perform to the best of your ability at all times. Having an instructor accompany you in the field allows you to feel more confident and secure throughout the day, whilst at the same time fast track your skills in real time.

Our team of instructors are highly experienced infield coaches and competent game shots in their own right, with over 300+ days spent instructing in the field each year.

What Should I Expect From Infield Shooting Instruction?

All our infield instructors come fully equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience to allow you to make the very most out of you day’s sport. 

Meeting you on the morning of the shoot or the night before, your instructor will have a 4×4 vehicle with which to drive you round the shoot, should you wish. We can provide suitable gun and cartridges to match your quarry and any other items you may require, from wellingtons to a dog lead!

Instructors can load single or double guns or can work alongside a loader. Our aim is to provide you with concise, easy to follow instructions to suit you shooting style and allow you to see a distinct improvement in your shooting throughout the day/trip.

The secret to good infield instruction is to quickly identify what actions will have the biggest impact there and then, allowing you to get the maximum out of your day. In addition your instructor can also note things which need to be reinforced on the shooting ground. All our instructors operate a “less is more policy” when infield coaching – so as not to flood you with too much information.

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