Calvert Sporting brings a wealth of knowledge of gun fitting, gun performance and in-field practical experience of game shooting in the demanding conditions of the UK.  Whether that be extreme pheasants, grouse, pigeon or even evening wild duck flighting over a pond, that breadth of knowledge means Calvert Sporting is able to understand what the client ultimately needs from a shotgun. We offer a full range of Hull cartridge’s, visit the Calvert sporting gunroom or call 01235 834 441 to talk through the perfect option for you.

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Bespoke Guns

At Calvert Sporting we are committed to ensuring that we closely match customers’ requirements to the products and services we provide, nowhere is this more acute than with the provision of guns.  To gain maximum performance a shooter and their gun need to be closely matched in every aspect, and as such we can undertake special commissions that allow us achieve this.

We will work closely with you to design the perfect bespoke gun. Whether it is to meet specific technical requirements and specifications in the gun, such as weight, chamber and bore size, balance, choking, trigger pulls, or if it’s to stock a gun to match your personal dimensions, or simply just to have something that is unique, whatever it may be contacts us to see how we can assist.

Click the images above for some examples of bespoke projects we have undertaken for our clients.

If you have any special requirements or would like to find out more about bespoke guns contact us today or call us on 01235 834441.

Service & Repairs

At Calvert Sporting we believe in delivering the highest standards in everything we do for our clients, and as such we have built a network of some of the finest gunmakers and artisan craftsmen across Europe, to deliver those standards.

We have a full service capability – from routine service and repairs, to more complex intricate repairs, restorations, renovations or alterations.  Whatever your requirement we can cover it.

Alterations & Restocking

There may come a time when you feel the need to alter you gun in some way, this could be when acquiring a new gun, following a gunfitting or discovering you need a tweak to an existing gun, whether that is to shorten a stock, and a new recoil pad or alter a gun to your dimensions we can provide a full range of alteration services.

It is always advisable to discuss any alterations before going ahead with the work, as there may well be limitations to what can be achieved, we can advise and guide throughout the process so that we reach the right outcome. Contact us today or call us on 01235 834441.

Gun & Equipment Storage

Our secure gun and equipment storage service offers you the chance to leave everything with us, and with our collection and delivery service complimenting this we will co-ordinate to make sure everything is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Why not combine storage with a Driver-Loader for the ultimate in hassle-free sporting logistics?

This collection of services is especially suited to those visiting the UK from overseas who have come to enjoy the amazing range of driven shooting on offer.  Trusting us to look after your equipment means you can be sure everything is ready for you when you arrive.

For more information on our Equipment and Gun Storage service please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements or call us on 01235 834441.

United Kingdom Visitors Firearm and Shotgun Permits

If you plan to visit the United Kingdom to shoot and wish to bring your own firearm or shotgun with you, under current Firearms Legislation you will require an appropriate Visitors Firearm/Shotgun permit. You will need to allow plenty of time in advance to secure your permit (we advise leaving this no later than 8 weeks before you travel). We can assist with managing the process and securing this permit for you.

Travelling in the United Kingdom in possession of a firearm/shotgun without an appropriate permit is a criminal offence.

For further guidance on obtaining a Visitors Permit please contact us to discuss your requirements or call us on 01235 834441.