Gun Alterations & Restocking

At Calvert Sporting we pride ourselves on our in-house knowledge and experience of the gun world. Our dedication to correct gunfitting has led to us working with some of the finest UK and European Stockers and Gunsmiths.

We have a unique understanding of gun fitting and gun performance, which allows us to ensure your gun is matched with the correct expertise and specialist knowledge.

Gun Alterations

There may come a time when you feel the need to alter you gun in some way. This could be when acquiring a new gun, following a gunfitting or simply after discovering you need a tweak to an existing gun. We provide a full range of alteration services – from shortening a stock, adding a new recoil pad, or more fundamental alterations to ensure a gun fits your dimensions.

It is always advisable to discuss any alterations before going ahead with the work, as there may well be limitations to what can be achieved. Our expert knowledge means we can advise and guide throughout the process – so that we reach the right outcome.

Gun Restocking

At Calvert Sporting we work with some of the leading UK and European Stock Makers, ensuring that we are able to match your gun with the correct expertise and specialist knowledge.

A large part of our restocking work takes place after a client has taken advantage of our gunfitting or ultimate gunfitting service; here we use the bespoke measurements from your gun fit to give you a totally bespoke stock, customised to your dimensions.

We are also able to restock guns to existing measurements, if your gun stock has been damaged or broken.

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