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Gun & Equipment Storage

Our secure, temperature-controlled gun storage room has been inspected, approved and licensed by the Thames Valley Police firearms team. We operate extensive protection measures, including a fully monitored, CCTV system. In other words, the peace of mind that everything is looked after. Combined with our collection and delivery service, you’ll be sure that everything is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

This collection of services is especially suited to those visiting the UK from overseas who have come to enjoy the amazing range of driven shooting on offer. Why not combine gun storage with a Driver-Loader for the ultimate in hassle-free sporting logistics?

Gun Storage: What Should I Expect?

Storing your firearm with Calvert Sporting could not be simpler. Whether you are a UK resident or an overseas visitor, we are able to store your guns on a temporary or a long-term basis.

Upon receipt of your guns/firearms, the guns will be checked over and a short report on the condition of the gun(s) noted. You will receive a ‘receipt’ from ourselves which you should keep in case you need to show any requesting Police Force the whereabouts of your gun(s).

If you wish to collect the guns or have them delivered to your shoot location, we ask for as much notice as possible but will always make every effort to meet your requests. The appropriate certificates/permits are required in order to release guns.

All guns in our storage facility are thoroughly checked at 6 monthly intervals and receive a clean and oiling.

Calvert Sporting also have the facilities to store your shooting kit, whether this be gunslips or cartridge bags, wellingtons or full shooting clothing. Your clothes can be dry cleaned at the end of your shooting trip so they are fresh and ready for your next visit.

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