Adam Calvert

Adam has a proven track record over a number of years, working at the highest level in helping shooters achieve their personal goals and beyond. Instructing in-field an average of 90 days per season.  Adam shares his insight on shooting skills and offers advice through regular contributions and articles, and in particular through his Shooting Advice – Expert Tuition column in the Shooting Gazette.

Adam has a well-deserved reputation for both preparing, and supporting clients in-field for the challenges of grouse shooting. But it’s not all about grouse, Adam also works with clients who want to take on other quarry such as partridge and pheasant, and in particular extreme high bird shooting.  Adam instructs on a worldwide basis, from partridges in Spain to doves in Argentina.

Adam’s shooting career started as a five year old… shooting the pegs off the washing line at home with an air rifle (much to his mother’s annoyance!)

More about Adam

Largely encouraged by his father (who was himself a hugely enthusiastic and dedicated shooter), he quickly progressed, shooting his first pigeon at the age of seven with a Westley Richards single barrel .410. His first pheasant came a year later, on his father’s local syndicate which he attended religiously for the whole of his childhood and teenage years.

As a farmer’s son, his youth was spent roaming the fields and woods, shooting pigeons and rabbits, whilst gaining a unique knowledge of field craft, the countryside and its wildlife – something which he still calls upon today.  At the same time, he honed his shooting skills on a small shooting ground which his father ran at home, which quickly led to him shooting competitive clays by the age of 13 and winning numerous junior titles along the way.

After gaining his degree in Land Management from the Royal Agricultural College, he was then propelled into the world of Estate Management with a focus on game shooting and running large sporting estates.  This allowed him to shoot a large number of days in addition to hosting and running his own shoots.

In 2007, Adam joined E J Churchill as their Chief Instructor, and very quickly took responsibility for managing the Shooting Ground, leading and training the team of instructors and managing the Gunroom, in addition to taking an extremely active role in running the Sporting Agency.

In 2013, Adam started his own venture offering game shooting instruction and in-field instruction.  Adam now works on a one-to-one basis with beginners, improvers and seasoned shooters alike, helping you to ensure that you are shooting to the best of your ability.  Read more about Shooting Instruction, or contact us to make a booking.

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