Shooting Instruction


Adam Calvert & the Calvert Sporting team are rapidly becoming globally recognised as some of the most dynamic and successful shooting coaches in the world today, offering highly bespoke and tailored shooting instruction.

Last year the team spent 200+ days in the field, instructing clients on a one-to-one basis.

Instruction takes place in two main formats – on a shooting ground, or in the game field.

Shooting Ground Lessons

Shooting ground lessons

There is no one system that suits all people.  Unlike many instructors, Adam & his team believe it is crucial to tailor your shooting instruction to you and what you are aiming for.

As a result, they use a combination of basic techniques, centred around good gun mounting in conjunction with good gun fit.  Mounting onto a moving target sounds simple enough, but there are few in the shooting field who can accomplish this without proper guidance.

Adam & his team also adjust the technique depending on the type of game being shot, so a shooter on a grouse day is likely to use a different method from when he is shooting a high pheasant.

The shooting ground is the perfect place to hone these skills, so they become subconscious and as a result feel natural once in the field.  Adam & his team teach from many of the UK’s top shooting grounds or indeed a venue close to the client.

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Grouse Instruction

Grouse Instruction

Calvert Sporting, using Adam’s in depth grouse knowledge, has created and is able to offer, purpose built grouse layout in Oxfordshire. Enabling our clients to shoot in front and behind with the ability to show anything from single birds to packs of six. These are some of the few facilities in the South of England which are able to provide true simulated grouse.

Infield Instruction

In-field instruction

Many can smash every clay that is fired on a shooting ground, but somehow few have the same feeling of confidence on the game field.

Although shooting clays allows you to tune basic technique, the place to really learn how to shoot game is in the game field.  Nothing in the clay world comes close to the sheer adrenaline rush of a pheasant or grouse approaching…and as a result, little can beat learning as you go, with this associated pressure.

As a result, Adam and his team spend a large amount of the shooting season (200+ days last season) and the off season teaching clients to shoot in the field.

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We can offer a wide range of support services to our clients designed to take the strain out of the logistics of a sporting season or a day in-field.

We can provide a driver-loader for the day, the duration of a visit, or throughout the season. Sit back, relax and let us worry about the driving, allowing you to arrive refreshed and relaxed and ready to shoot.

If you simply require a loader to be with you on your peg, we can provide that too; we have some very experienced loaders throughout the UK who we can call upon to support you.

In addition we provide an airport collection service and a door-to-door gun collection and delivery service.  Our service means we can collect your guns and sporting equipment and take to where it is needed, meaning you don’t have to travel with it every time and giving flexibility and freedom to your travel plans.  We find this service, combined with our storage service is very popular with our clients visiting from outside the UK.

United Kingdom Visitors Firearm and Shotgun Permits

If you plan to visit the United Kingdom to shoot and wish to bring your own firearm or shotgun with you, under current Firearms Legislation you will require an appropriate Visitors Firearm/Shotgun permit. You will need to allow plenty of time in advance to secure your permit (we advise leaving this no later than 8 weeks before you travel). We can assist with managing the process and securing this permit for you.

Travelling in the United Kingdom in possession of a firearm/shotgun without an appropriate permit is a criminal offence.

For further guidance on obtaining a Visitors Permit please contact us to discuss your requirements or call us on 01235 834441.