The Calvert Sporting Team

Calvert Sporting offer impartial and bespoke services for novice and experienced shooters alike.  The team has many years of experience and knowledge of shooting of all types, and can offer assistance on a wide range of topics – from grouse shooting instruction, to gun fitting, to ‘what to wear’.

Adam Calvert   //   Director & Shooting Instructor

Adam has a proven track record over a number of years, working at the highest level in helping shooters achieve their personal goals and beyond. Instructing in-field an average of 90 days per season.  Adam shares his insight on shooting skills and offers advice through regular contributions and articles, and in particular through his Shooting Advice – Expert Tuition column in the Shooting Gazzette.

Adam has a well-deserved reputation for both preparing, and supporting clients in-field for the challenges of grouse shooting. But it’s not all about grouse, Adam also works with clients who want to take on other quarry such as partridge and pheasant, and in particular extreme high bird shooting.   Adam instructs on a worldwide basis, from partridges in Spain to doves in Argentina.

Adam’s shooting career started as a five year old… shooting the pegs off the washing line at home with an air rifle (much to his mother’s annoyance!)

Largely encouraged by his father (who was himself a hugely enthusiastic and dedicated shooter), he quickly progressed, shooting his first pigeon at the age of seven with a Westley Richards single barrel .410.  His first pheasant came a year later, on his father’s local syndicate which he attended religiously for the whole of his childhood and teenage years.

As a farmer’s son, his youth was spent roaming the fields and woods, shooting pigeons and rabbits, whilst gaining a unique knowledge of field craft, the countryside and its wildlife – something which he still calls upon today.  At the same time, he honed his shooting skills on a small shooting ground which his father ran at home, which quickly led to him shooting competitive clays by the age of 13 and winning numerous junior titles along the way.

After gaining his degree in Land Management from the Royal Agricultural College, he was then propelled into the world of Estate Management with a focus on game shooting and running large sporting estates.  This allowed him to shoot a large number of days in addition to hosting and running his own shoots.

In 2007, Adam joined E J Churchill as their Chief Instructor, and very quickly took responsibility for managing the Shooting Ground, leading and training the team of instructors and managing the Gunroom, in addition to taking an extremely active role in running the Sporting Agency.

In 2013, Adam started his own venture offering game shooting instruction and in-field instruction.  Adam now works on a one-to-one basis with beginners, improvers and seasoned shooters alike, helping you to ensure that you are shooting to the best of your ability.  Read more about Shooting Instruction, or contact us to make a booking.

Penny Calvert   //   Director

Penny is a Director of Calvert Sporting and an integral part of the team with responsibility for the operational running of the business.  This covers a wide range of key tasks from the range of back-office functions, managing the day to day bookings whether that is for lessons, infield instruction or gun fitting, dealing within logistics for imports/exports or arranging specialist gun collection and delivery for clients.

One of the essential roles Penny covers is the sporting office.  There are many moving parts to organising a sporting season not just for Calvert sporting; coordinating who needs to be where and when and with what, but also covering this on behalf of clients.  Penny works directly with clients or their representatives to organise their sporting arrangements such as Visitor Permits, accommodation, instructors, loaders, equipment, cartridges etc and does this throughout the season.

It is this ability to cover as much or as little as the client needs, and solving problems and challenges for clients that Penny believes sets Calvert Sporting apart in the market.  Whatever the challenge or requirement Penny, and Calvert Sporting will work with you to meet your requirements.

Penny is a keen shot, and makes every effort to shoot a few days during the game season and in the summer on simulated days. This means she understands what is involved in shooting, and in particular what is involved in a days’ game shooting.  She also enjoys working her cocker spaniels on numerous local shoots ably assisted by their young daughter, Anna.

Matt Smith   //   Shooting Instructor & Gunroom Manager

Matt joined the Calvert Sporting team this year after 3 years with management and sporting agents Davis & Bowring. During his time there Matt was working within the sporting agency acting as a shoot host, loader, driver and logistics manager.

Matt studied Countryside Management at Harper Adams University and it was during his placement year, that he first made contact with Davis & Bowring and from here continued his career into field sports. Matt was also a regular feature on the notoriously successful Harper Adams clay pigeon shooting team, making contact with the local farmers in the area it was not uncommon to find Matt in a hide decoying pigeons rather than in a lecture theatre!

It would be fair to say that shooting, and grouse shooting especially, was an instrumental part of Matt’s upbringing having served his time as a beater, flanker, picker-up and assisting gamekeepers. Matt now applies the knowledge learnt in this apprenticeship to field sports when instructing clients, novice and experienced alike, to their first pheasant or grouse or to hone and improve their technique on more challenging targets.

Hailing from the Yorkshire Dales, Matt grew up on the doorstep of not only the country’s premier sporting estates but he was also fortunate enough to have access to hundreds of acres with which he enjoyed keeping the local vermin in check, flighting ducks over the river banks and ponds as well as cherishing a few days a season with his father and family friend’s on the village shoot syndicate where he made his early forays into driven game shooting before finally making his move to the cherished holy grail of grouse shooting.

Having made the move to join us in Oxfordshire, alongside instructing Matt has taken up the roll of managing the gunroom.  Having handled a large variety of shotguns and rifles in his time, Matt is well placed to match clients to their new purchase and ensure a well-fitted, reliable gun.

Life in Oxfordshire sees Matt immersed in the shooting world,  finding time outside of work to shoot clay pigeons as well as the real deal with thousands of acres of arable farming on the doorstep, offering plenty of decoying opportunities as well as Fallow, Roe and Muntjac stalking.

Tom Briggs   //   Shooting Instructor and Sporting Assistant

Tom’s interest in shooting first started at the age of 11 when he started beating on a local pheasant syndicate. For his 12th birthday he was gifted a shooting lesson and has never had a gun out of his hand since. Growing up in a rural area on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales and working on a farm from a young age, Tom has always been out in the field learning field craft to shoot crows, rabbits and pigeons and very much enjoys a day’s decoying.

At the age of 18 Tom wanted to test his skills and started competing in trap shooting competitions, where within his first year he represented the England Shooting Team at the Home International competition in Scotland.  The following year he represented the England team again, this time in Ireland, before having to devote more of his time to his degree.

While studying Land Management at the Royal Agricultural University Tom was an active member of the shooting club and competed as part of the men’s first team throughout his time at university. Due to Tom’s commitment to the club he was elected Vice-Captain.

After graduating University with a degree in Land Management in 2017,  Tom knew he wanted to pursue a career in the shooting industry and so completed his Lantra Loaders – Shotgun (Level 2) course and his CPSA level 1 – Instructors Training Course. With these qualifications he spent over 60 days loading and instructing clients on numerous grouse moors and pheasant shoots around the country as well as being invited to load abroad in Canada on an English styled driven pheasant and partridge shoot.

Tom first started working for Calvert Sporting in the summer of 2018 helping with grouse lessons leading up to the start of the season. Since the start of the shooting season he has been out infield instructing and loading for clients, bringing his knowledge and experience to enable clients to get the best from their day’s shooting.

Luke Roberts   //   Shooting Instructor

Luke is hugely enthusiastic, full of energy and positivity which is infectious, he has a real passion for game shooting and for seeing people improve with the coaching delivered whether that is shooting grouse or pheasant.

Luke has shooting in his veins, spending much of his formative years working alongside game keepers developing a comprehensive knowledge of shoot and forestry management.

Luke left Newcastle University with a degree in Countryside and Wildlife management, and spent several years travelling in both New Zealand and The Yukon.  During which time his passion for hunting and fishing presented the opportunity for him to act as a professional guide.

Whilst in the UK, Luke spent time at EJ Churchill developing his knowledge and experience of shooting instruction and was mentored by Adam Calvert in this time.  Following another stint guiding abroad Luke spent 2 years at Atkin Grant & Lang shooting ground as Shooting School Manager, and was instrumental in the extensive re-development of the shooting school.

In 2015, Luke joined the Calvert Sporting team, enabling him to focus on shooting tuition and gun fitting.  Spending over 80 days a season instructing throughout the UK, ensuring that his clients reach their full potential, no matter what the quarry.

Duncan Lawton   //   Shooting Instructor

Duncan is our most experienced team member, bringing with him a huge wealth of knowledge and experience – nothing phases Duncan! His experience means he exhibits a relaxed, calm and assured manner that instantly rubs off on his clients.  He is a popular choice with those who like his calm and reassuring nature.

Duncan has been involved with both clay and game shooting all his life, coming from a shooting family going back four generations.

He started competitive shooting at the age of 11 and won several national and county championships across the shooting disciplines.  He then qualified for the senior England Sporting team at the age of 16 and went on to represent England for a further 16 years, captaining the team three times.  During his competitive shooting career Duncan won European titles and multiple World Championship titles (being the first Brit to win the title).

He retired from serious competitive shooting in the mid 90’s and became more involved with the instructional side of the sport. Initially qualifying as a CPSA coach he began instructing in the early ’80s concentrating mainly on the corporate events, however, he now coaches all aspects of shooting from beginners to expert and also game shooters, accompanying them on shoot days if required.

Duncan is able to support clients with a range of shooting needs and is equally at home instructing on grouse moors, partridge shoots or high pheasant days.  A true all rounder with a great relaxed and nurturing coaching style.

David Beardsmore   //   Shooting Instructor

Well known for his ability to remain ice cool under pressure this steadiness provides his clients with confidence to develop their skills and enjoy their days in-field.  Comfortable instructing on a range of quarry from grouse to pheasant, David can cover your requirements.

As a double world skeet champion David has a large experience base to call upon and is acknowledged as one of the most successful and accomplished coaches in shooting today, coaching some of the top skeet shots in the world today.

David is also recognised as an authority within the shooting world – he is a monthly columnist in the Sporting Shooter, Clay Shooting and Pull magazine.

However, David’s knowledge and experience goes well beyond sporting shooting and extends to game shooting. Spending over 50 days a season in-field supporting clients, he is capable of supporting clients of all ages and across all ability levels.

Mark Rogers   //   Client Support

Organised, diligent, flexible, a keen eye for detail combined with good interpersonal skills developed over a 20 year career in Financial Services means Mark is able to provide Calvert Sporting with the ability to support its’ clients in many different ways, from assisting in the gunroom to providing gun delivery and collection services – that’s why we call him “The Gun Runner”.  Whatever the challenge Mark will work with us and the client to find a solution that works for everyone.

Mark has a background in technology and change management at a senior level in Financial Services but comes to Fieldsports as a conscious change in career direction.  By combining skills and attributes needed in the corporate world with an understanding of the fieldsports world gained from being a keen shooter of many years himself, Mark is well placed to understand the needs and challenges of our clients very well.