Gun Fitting

Gun fitting is one of the most overlooked factors of shooting success, overlooked by shooters and coachers alike.

Its importance is absolutely paramount to ensuring that the shooter is able to perform to the best of his or her ability (ladies gun fitting is especially important).

Gun fitting is seen by many as somewhat of a dark art; a view usually driven by a lack of a clear understanding of this fine art.

The gun fitting process

A good gun fitter builds an extremely good relationship with the client, and has a clear understanding of what is required of the gun by the client.

They then proceed together to develop a correct but above all consistent gun mount, which allows the client to shoot to the best of their ability.

When fitting guns, Adam will make detailed and often minute observations of the shooter, in order to ensure that the gun fits precisely.

This results in a gun which is both comfortable and easy to shoot.  More importantly, a gun which shoots exactly where the shooter’s eye is focused.

Master gun fitter

bespoke gunstock

Adam is recognised as a leading gun fitter. Working alongside gun makers on a daily basis, he has a unique insight into where the gun fitting and gun making worlds meet.  As a result, he knows exactly what is achievable and what is not.

More importantly, he can advise exactly how a gun can be built or modified to be totally bespoke to the client’s needs.  This extends not just to woodwork dimensions, but also to weights, barrels, chokes and many other component aspects.  Indeed, he is now often commissioned by many clients to act on their behalf as an independent, impartial adviser – to ensure the client receives exactly what they want from their gun, when purchasing from many of the leading gun making companies both in the UK and abroad.

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