Field Recoil Pad


The PAST Field Shield was created with field shooter in mind. The lightweight shield was designed for quick and easy gun mounting in the field with valuable recoil protection. The comfortable leather cover conforms to the body while the energy-absorbing foam insert dramatically reduces felt recoil.

Material: Leather Covered 1/4″ Energy Absorbing Foam
Recommended Use: Designed for field shooters (very lightweight)

– Ambidextrous
– Body Shaped (Over the shoulder and under the arm design)
– Provides valuable protection from unwanted recoil.

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The PAST product line is based on a foam material that dramatically reduces the felt recoil of rifles, shotguns, and handguns. This foam pad, worn over the shoulder, absorbs and spreads the recoil impulse, significantly reducing the recoil felt by the shooter.

Other styles of recoil protection tend to bounce into your shoulder, which can create an unstable feeling while offering inadequate protection. The PAST recoil protection system allows a shooter to concentrate on hitting the target instead of fearing the punishment of recoil. Concentration helps to create good shooting habits, and more importantly, prevents developing bad ones.

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