Roost shooting pigeons

At this time of year some of us are still lucky enough to be shooting partridges in Spain but for me the real fun is to be had shooting pigeons coming into roost. It is absolutely the best practice for your shooting and great fun to boot!

All you need is a gun, a pocket full of cartridges (a dog makes life much easier if you have one, also great practice for the dog!) some dark clothing and above all permission to be on a nice piece of woodland. Crossing the owners palm with silver I always find works very well in most situations.

Whilst roost shooting I tend to travel light so I can move position during the evening depending on wind direction and the flight of the birds. Find the right spot and you can have the time of your life shooting anything from high curling birds on a still evening through to fast incomers. Field craft is important – try to hide your outline as best you can but above all keep perfectly still until you are ready to shoot. Practice makes perfect and remember time on the gun is never wasted!

P.S it is also a great way to get rid of that assortment of cartridges which you seem to have acquired during the season!

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