Pilla Outlaw X7 with 6 lens kit.


Pilla are widely recognised as the world’s best shooting eyewear, and worn by many world class shooters. Pilla lenses are made by world renowned Carl Zeiss Vision and almost certainly the best shooting lenses ever created with unrivalled quality and performance.

10 ED – Enhanced Definition. Direct Sun, Perfectly Balanced Colour Enhancement, Super Crisp Definition.

26ED – Enhanced Definition. Bright Sun to Grey Sky. Perfectly Balanced Colour Enhancement.

45 MAX – Max Orange 2.0. Bright Light, 600% boost in Target orange. Great all Rounder.

60HCP – Great All Round Lens. Huge Boost of Targets in Medium Light. Boost orange 600%.

76 HCP – High Contrast. Low Light/Overcast, Flat Light Enhancer (Increase visual perception), Balanced Enhancement in Low Light.

94HC – An almost clear high contrast lens for low light conditions. Shooting under lights. 

THE OUTLAW system was designed to create a wide open visual experience by removing the entire front bar and the tracer frame, creating an unobstructed view. The temples snap directly to the temporal sides of the lens.

The Outlaw X7 offers a significant level of wrap without any visual interruption of a frame. The system incorporates a unique counter-balancing temple geometry to reduce all felt weight on the bridge of the nose. The temples can be manually adjusted by forming the temple tips to contour the shooters head, the closer the fit to the head, the better the weight distribution and the more comfortable the glasses. The high wrap design providing extended lens coverage on the sides of the frame which reduces the amount of stray ambient light reaching the eye which adversely affects focal performance. Wind, dust, and foreign particles are all blocked from reaching the eye.
Additionally, the design utilises RAM-AIR VENTING. This special design included in the sweat bar allows air to flow down the backside of the lens reducing fogging.

The set of lens comes with a hard aluminium hard case.

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