Norfolk Liars


Styled on the traditional 4-dial game counters that were popular through to Edwardian times. The counter would allow a gun to track their shot birds discretely, as it was considered a little gauche to openly count! The term “Liar” is thought to come from the less sporting of guns increasing their count with the odd extra click of a dial.

As per the original counters these feature a dial for Pheasants, partridges , hares and rabbits, and it was customary to put feather on the silver side ( partridges uppermost ) and fur on the brass side ( hares uppermost ). All the four dials have a one way ratchet that takes positive pressure to click the dial on, one click being one head of game and the counter can be turned without looking at it.

These make lovely and unusual gifts for the game shot that seems to have everything……we bet they won’t have one of these!

Comes complete with a leather lanyard and a smart leather storage pouch.

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