Meindl Glockner MFS Mens GORE-TEX Boot

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The Meindl Glockner MFS Mens Gore-Tex Boots are seriously hardwearing boots. Crafted using a robust Sil nubuck leather upper and lined with GORE-TEX® for complete waterproofing and breathability. Featuring Meindl’s Multigriff® sole by Vibram® and an Air-Active® soft print drysole footbed. The high-level tough rubber rand gives protection to the hardest wearing areas. There is a huge amount of technicality to ensure that you have the best boot possible for supreme comfort and coping with the most demanding conditions. A popular alternative to the wax leather Dovre Extreme boot.

  • Key Features

    • Meindl Glockner hiking boots
    • Sil-nubuck leather lined with GORE-TEX®
    • Robust Meindl Multigriff sole by Vibram
    • Ideal for everyday use
    • Great for gamekeepers who require a longlasting durable boot
    • Digafix hooks help keep foot flush to heel to prevent movement when walking
    • Tongue hook helps to keep it central and prevent slipping
    • Very comfortable AIR-ACTIVE drysole
    • High rubber rand protection
    • Excellent grip helps for firm footing, even in wet conditions
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