Arxus Primo Nord Air Neoprene Zip Wellington Boots – Dark Olive


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Arxus boots were developed by active Hunters in Sweden to achieve the highest levels of performance and durability for the demanding terrain of Scandinavia.

The boots uniqueness includes:

  • 100% natural 2mm thick rubber, well above the norm
  • Rubber construction around the entire foot ensuring the boot is waterproof even before the sole is assembled
  • Unique sole X-pattern ensures extreme grip underfoot
  • Upper surround strap will not drop or slip when tightened
  • Upper top edge leather piping on the Primo models prevents separation from the inner lining.


Crafted from natural, supremely durable rubber and encompassing a unique air-feed lining constructed from air cells offering supreme breathability. Beneath the air-feed lining is a 3mm neoprene lining throughout the length of the boot providing incredible warmth, classified for a whopping -15⁰c. During wear condensation rises up the inside of the boot within the air cells and then passes out through the top of the boot like a chimney effect creating unparalleled breathability. A neat Riri half zip is position at the side of the boot for ease of entry. The surround strap with a strong metal lock located around the shaft of the boot enables the boot to be securely fastened. Includes a removable anatomic felt lined EVA insole, which increases isolation against cold ground and helps to absorb shock. An extraordinarily practical boot which is ideal for all field activities.

  • 2mm reinforced rubber outer
  • Air-feed breathable lining
  • 3mm neoprene lining
  • X-pattern grip
  • Riri zip
  • Strap fastening
  • Leather trim
  • Removable EVA insole
  • Classified down to -15 degrees
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