Magic Bore Field /Travel Kit


The Magic Bore Field Kit 12 bore, is a broken down version of the hand kit which measures only 55cm long. It comprises of an ergonomic aluminium handle which is designed to fit snugly into a plastic tube. 2 short tubes both with plastic end caps to keep the dirt contained, 1 plastic bush, 2 material covered rods and a specially designed extra long brush for optimal cleaning of the barrels with minimum effort, 1 easy to remove flexible plastic end cap and 1 short section of clear plastic tubing. The brush and the 2 material covered rods are classed as consumable parts and are replaceable items. The handle has a push fit plastic bush on the end which protects the gun parts from the aluminium handle. The rods are 100% covered by material so that no metal parts can come into contact with the gun being cleaned. The brush has a unique plastic cap which is designed to stop metal contacting the gun and also enable semi-auto shotguns to be cleaned fully assembled without damaging the bolt face. Available in 12b, 16b, 20b & 28b

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Magic Bore Field Kits/Travel Kits are avilable in:

12 Bore

20 Bore

These kits are an un-assembled version of the hand kit and will fit in a hand luggage suitcase. The are designed for those who travel internationally for their shooting and for Loaders or Shooters to take with then into the field or onto the peg.