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Pro Ferrum Wet Drying Gun Care


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Pro Ferrum Gun Care Fluid – Protects Guns and Prevents Rust. Pro Ferrum is not a traditional gun oil – it is a new super fluid which serves as both a cleaner and lubricant that is suitable for use on shotguns and rifles. Pro Ferrum protects guns and prevents rust.  It is the only oil in the world that absorbs water. This wet drying ability means water is absorbed by oil even from the smallest cavities. It’s ultra-fine formula is designed to adhere to sprayed surfaces leaving a protective film inside and outside of barrels and on actions. Better still it is completely safe to be used on wood and other materials too without damaging or affecting their finish. The lubricating properties of Pro Ferrum are such that it doesn’t bind with grit or sand to form abrasive compounds which could damage the workings of a gun, and will break down old oil and grease deposits with ease.

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