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Norma Evostrike .308 Win 139gr


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The lead-free choice for small and medium game when an instant stop is required

EVOSTRIKE™ achieves its convincing performance with dual cores made from tin and featuring a special pre-fragmentation of the frontal core and a solid core at the back for enhanced penetration. This creates outstanding stopping power even at long range. EVOSTRIKE™ is the perfect choice for Small and Medium game hunting when lead-free is the active choice.

  • Stable rear core of tin with strong jacket for reliable penetration
  • Tin-lock for tough and uniform residual body
  • Nickel-coated jacket for increased barrel life
  • Front core of tin with radial perforations for quick expansion
  • Thin jacket for quick expansion
  • Hollowed polymer tip for flatter trajectory and accelerated expansion
  • Dual cores for extreme shock effect

Dual cores

The front part of the bullet is designed with radial perforations for quick expansion upon impact. The rear end of the bullet is a solid core part which penetrates bone, skin and other tough obstacles on the way.

Lead-free knock down effect

EVOSTRIKE™ is the newest member of the STRIKE™ family. It delivers a quick and aggressive expansion with good penetrative qualities for fast hunts and difficult shots.

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