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Albion’s Luxury Leather Soap and Balm Conditioner, together, in a convenient 2 x 30ml pot.

Albion Luxury Leather Soap

A mild vegetable-based soap enriched with glycerine to deliver a superior clean, leaving leather beautifully supple and protected. The unique natural blend of ingredients successfully tackles sweat and dirt. Virtually pH neutral and free from damaging detergents and chemicals. The Albion Luxury Leather Soap will not strip the colour from your Albion leather products.

: First moisten a cloth in tepid water and gently wipe leather to remove excess sweat and mud. Use soap sparingly with a damp (not wet), sponge or cloth. For optimum results, after cleaning, apply Albion Nourishing Leather Balm.


Albion Luxury Leather Balm

A luxuriously rich ultra-conditioning leather balm which delivers superior nourishment and protection. Features an authentic 200-year old Swiss Formula originally developed to care for leather exposed to extreme conditions in Switzerland’s challenging mountainous regions.

: When necessary, apply sparingly with a cloth or sponge, to clean and dry leather. Always store leather at room temperature. For optimum results, first clean leather with Albion Luxury Leather Soap.

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