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Bore Tech Bore Guide


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Bore Tech’s Centrefire, Bolt Action Bore Guides precisely align cleaning rods with the bore & prevent damage to your firearm & cleaning rod. The solvent resistant, molded rubber nosecones provide a superior seal and prevent cleaners from leaking into the chamber and action. Featuring high quality, CNC machined components the color coded guides fit most bolt action rifles from .17 to .416 calibers.

Bore Tech’s Bore Guides feature high precision CNC machined and anodized components providing a lifetime of use. The color coded solvent ports feature widened openings for easy solvent application and a tapered rear access for easy jag/brush alignment.

Additionally, the replaceable and solvent resistant molded rubber nosecones are soft enough to provide a superior, long lasting seal and completely prevent cleaners from leaking into the chamber and action areas.

Designed to fit both short and long actions, these guides feature an adjustable bolt collar that firmly locks in place via the threaded brass locking handle.

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